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Healing Crystals Made Easy

Understanding crystals and energy healing doesn’t need to be confusing, our aim is to help make crystal healing easy and take away any confusion as to which crystals to buy.

We are a small online UK based business in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. With over 20 years experience of working with crystals, we are very excited and dedicated to be helping spread the awareness of Healing Crystals and their amazing benefits. .

Crystal Healing Made Easy

With so many different crystals for sale, choosing which crystal is best for your needs has just become a whole lot easier.

Crystals also make beautiful gifts and a great way to introduce someone into the benefits of healing crystals and the positive energy healing that can take place. 

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We All Need a Bit of Self Love and Healing

Rose Quartz The ‘Unconditional Love stone’ and Amethyst The ‘Master’ Healer stone are included in a lot of our Healing Crystal Gift Sets, for that very reason. They are both beautiful to look at and pretty to have displayed as home décor, but their Energy Healing properties are extremely powerful and gentle, they make perfect crystals for anyone to have and ideal to give as a gift. To give a gift of Rose Quartz and Amethyst is giving a gift of Love and Healing. Something we all would love to receive.

We have made it as easy as choosing any Healing Crystal Gift Set called- Self Love, to know that you are purchasing a package that has been carefully selected to include Rose Quartz crystals. A gift of pure Unconditional Love, which helps you to receive healing and balance to your heart chakra and reminds us how to love ourselves a bit more.

​Our Love and Healing Crystal Sets contain a mixture of Amethyst for its powerful healing energy and Rose Quartz for self love and emotional balance it provides.
All the qualities to make you feel special. I like to think of them as ‘A silent Hug, and squeeze of Love’ they are the perfect crystals of Love and Healing, to use for yourself or to give as a gift.


What My Clients Say

- living in a positive atmosphere -

Cleansing your space and crystals is important

Making sure you are living and working in a positive energy is important. If we are in a positive atmosphere it has a positive effect on how we feel and behave. like attracts like and so its important to make sure you cleanse your home energetically every so often. You can find lots of information about cleansing your crystals and your home here.
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