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Our 5 Top ways to Cleanse your Crystals

CLEANSE, BALANCE AND RECHARGE YOUR CRYSTALS ENERGY Cleansing your crystals is very important and a way of ensuring that they are always positive and working to their fullest healing potential. ​There are some crystals that are self cleansing and so it is not necessary to cleanse these crystals. There are also crystals that need great care when being cleansed, they are too porous and so can not get wet.

​Crystals act like a sponge absorbing negative energy and offering a positive exchange. ​Like a sponge can only absorb so much water, a crystal can only absorb so much negativity before its balanced positive energy is compromised. It is therefore really important to ensure your crystals stay cleansed to allow them to work positively and to there full healing potential.

There are many ways to Cleanse your Crystals, below we have listed some of our preferred ways of cleansing.

Our 5 Top Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystal Cleansing Using Salt Water

Method 1- Salt and Water

  1. ​​Holding your crystal under running water, visualize the water cleansing all the negative energy away from the crystal.
  2. Sprinkle and rub Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt over your crystal ensuring you cover it fully.
  3. Rinse off the salt from your crystal ensuring the crystal is fully clean of any remaining salt. Visualise the water being pure and know that you have now removed all negativity from the crystal.
  4. Place your crystal outside to rest for 24hrs. This will fully charge your crystal back to its full working potential.

Energetic Cleansing Using Incense, For Crystals And Your Home

Method 2- Incense

  1. Incense is a very simple but effective way of cleansing your crystals. Ideal for those crystals that shouldn’t get wet and perfect for those crystals that are just too big to move!
  2. You can simple set your crystals around a lit incense stick to cleanse several crystals at the same time or place the incense stick next to a larger crystal to cleanse.
  3. Make sure the crystals are within the incense smoke to ensure a full cleanse is achieved. You can spend a few moments either passing the crystal through the smoke or blow the smoke into the crystal if its a larger piece. You can use smudging feathers for this purpose.
  4. Allow the incense to fully burn out. For a more intense cleanse you can light a Tealight candle and place this with your incense. Allow this to fully burn out also.
  5. Lighting an incense stick and allowing it to burn out is also a good way to cleanse a room within your home. Helping to remove any unwanted negativity and replacing it with a balanced positive energy.

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Himalayan Pink Salt

Method 3- Salt Jar

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt is the most natural and pure salt you can use and perfect for cleansing crystals. However Sea Salt can also be used.
  2. Simply put your crystals into the Salt and leave for 24hrs.
  3. Remove the crystals and ensure all salt is removed from and crevices in the crystals.

Use Your Breath To Cleanse The Energy Of Crystals

Method 4- Breath

  1. Holding your crystal in your hand, use the breath and intent to cleanse your crystal.
  2. Visualise the breath blowing away all negative energy and leaving your crystal clean and pure.
  3. Do this repeatedly until you feel that the crystal is cleansed.

Some Crystals Can Cleanse Other Cyrstals

Method 5- Crystal to Crystal

  1. Use other crystals such as a Amethyst Bed, or a Selenite slab to cleanse smaller crystals.
  2. Place your crystals on top of or into a geode crystal and leave for 24 hrs.
  3.  This is a great method for Crystal Jewelry.

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