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Great Spirit - Medwyn Goodall-CD


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1 Spirit Dancer (5.38)

2 Midnight Quest (7.09)

3 Shadow Hunter (7.34)

4 Riding the Dreamland (4.18)

5 Farewell, My homeland (8.39)

6 Totem (9.09)

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Inspired and emotive music dedicated to the spirit of all Native American Indians. Creative percussive rhythms and evocative sound effects weave through hovering woodwind and string instrumentation to link cultures and Nations in celebrating a journey of essentially healing and invigorating power. A major theme here is an earthy music performed in reverent tribute to the Spirit of a People that symbolise oneness with Nature. Whether expressing the poignant longing for Ancient days, an exploration into the visionary dream-world of totem animals, or the exquisite outpouring of emotion in a tribal gathering, this is an imaginative, superlative musical experience, radiating with an inner beauty and wisdom.

Time: 43 minutes


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